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zac_graphics's Journal

Zac Efron Graphics
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I did some searching, and I've found Zac Efron related communities on lj, but I hadn't found one fully devoted to graphics. I found icontests and things, but I didn't see anywhere for anyone to just post graphics made of Zac. Well, I couldn't just leave that alone. That's why I created zac_graphics. Graphics of all types are allowed here as long as they include Zac. Read the rules and the FAQ and go ahead and post.

Affiliates. If you'd like to affiliate with zac_graphics, comment on this entry.

theiconstop zattany zefron_icontest zefrondaily
01. All posts must be related to Zac Efron and graphics.
02. Graphics of HSM, Summerland, etc. are allowed but MUST include Zac in the graphics. Posts of HSM that only have Ashley Tisdale are NOT allowed. (You may fake cut to multi-fandom posts as long as something is Zac related.)
03. Fake cuts are allowed, but if your post is friends only, say so. Also, posts that are locked will not be tagged.
04. Four teasers only for icons or no more than one larger graphic (thumbnails are a good idea here as well) before a cut. Anything NSFW or spoiler related should be marked with a warning and placed below an lj-cut. If you don't know how, this page explains it.
05. Read the maker's specific rules for using their graphics. Everyone is different and has different rules.
06. Be respectful of everyone who posts here. Makers of all levels are welcome to post and comment.
07. Trolls and spammers will be banned.
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